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How Much Will It Cost?

CCM costs

Individual Intake Meeting £120.00 per person
Mediation Appointment
a typical session lasts 2 hours)
£120.00 per person per hour. Therefore a typical 2 hour session will cost £480.00 in total split between the parties.
Provision of documents £120.00 per person, per document

The above costs do not include any VAT.  The charge for meetings is payable at or before the meeting.  The charge for documents is payable once I am ready to commence drafting.  No documents will be provided until payment is made in full.  

Please ask for details of my account if you wish to pay by bank transfer.  I can also accept payment by cash or cheque at your meeting.  

There are no hidden extras for telephone calls, letters or emails that are reasonably required.  I will notify you in the event further charges become appropriate.  The documents charged for are normally produced at the end of the medication summarizing the proposals and disclosure made and agreed upon.